Why visit a hygiene clinic?


Maintaining a clean mouth and regular visits to your Dental Hygienist is not only important for oral care, but vital in maintaining overall healthGum disease is the number one reason for tooth loss. Your Dental Hygienist is able to recognize early signs of gum disease and help in treating advanced gum disease and bone loss. Receiving regular cleanings will not only help maintain a healthy mouth, but will allow your Dental Hygienist to identify early signs of cavities and infection. If an area of your tooth is showing signs of a potential cavity, there are tools we can use to stop the development of the cavity and reduce the possibility of needing fillings or root canals down the road! 

The idea of a dental hygiene clinic is a new approach to preventative care. When most people visit the dentist they will see a hygienist first to have their cleaning completed before a dentist comes in for a  final check. So what's the benefit of regular visits to a dental hygienist?

  • You'll build a solid relationship with only one hygienist who you will see each time you come in for your cleaning (recommended every 6 months).
  • The overall cost is more affordable. This will save you or your insurance company money in the long run. You should still visit a dentist if you have any complex issues or concerns. The clinic will be able to refer you as needed.
  • If you keep up with regular visits, you'll lower your risk of dental work needed in the future. More cleanings means less cavities and dental hygienists can help stop the development of potential cavities!
  • You'll experience more direct attention and care in your visit as your sole purpose is for a hygienist to see you. This means no bouncing around from one person to the next.
  • There are no drilling noises or scary processes happening in the clinic! This means your little ones (or maybe even you!) don't have to be nervous about visiting for a cleaning.